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They said they were crazy when they decided to do a pig roast in Wyoming, Minnesota at Christmas, but Doug Welsh, Joseph Saker, and Bill Hutchins had the last laugh.

With a Christmas Eve snowfall of four inches, the trio became one of the very few pig roasters using the Three Guys method who have had to add an additional step: “Remove any accumulated snow from the roaster before getting started!”

The three Minnesota guys followed the instructions on our website with one major modification, the addition of a sheet metal cover to help hold in the heat.

Doug Welsh, Joseph Saker, and Bill Hutchins

Temperatures during the roasting hovered around 32 degrees with snow flurries throughout the day. The pig was 90 pounds and it took around 5-1/2 hours to cook using around 80 pounds of charcoal.

“Thanks to your site, building plans for the roaster, and amazing mojo recipe,” Saker says. “the pig turned out absolutely perfect! Thank you for introducing us to our new family tradition!”

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Sam Offolter of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida roasted this great looking pig.

"I lived in New Mexico for thirty-three years and have always cooked pigs in the ground. But with the ground being so sandy in Ft. Lauderdale, I knew the heat would not stay in the pit. I found your website and followed your directions and the pig turned out absolutely perfect and was the best I have ever had. Forty people devoured an 80-pound pig at my 42nd birthday party. Thanks for directions."

Sam Offolter
The Fabregas family of Miami Lakes, Florida roasted this 40-pound pig in approximately six hours using forty pounds of charcoal. Twenty-five family and friends dined on this delicious porker.

"My husband grew up watching his father roast the Noche Buena Pig. As a child he would see both his grandfather and father kill and prepare the pig in their own backyard and sometimes they would go and order it from the matadero. After we got married in 1983, every December 23rd, we would go over to his parents house and he would watch his father prepare the pig with the adobo. My husband would watched carefully as his father prepared the adobo. Then on Dec. 24, when his father would call, he would go and help his father turn the pig over when it was time. We lived close by. ;-) Three and half years ago, when his father passed away we started purchasing the pork already made. But this year, he felt encouraged to do it remembering his father's techniques. We didn't want to use a Caja China, as his father never liked it, so I went into the Internet and found your web-site with all the specifics on how to build your own pig roaster.

I have to tell you, I was a bit nervous, as all the pigs I've ever eaten on the 24th have been cooked by his father, or we have purchased the pork already made, but he surprised me!! The pork was delicious and the whole back side was crispy. My only regret is that since it was a 40-pound pig, it didn't have much fat, it was all meat. I mean, for those who like their chicharrones with a little fat!" ... Odalys Fabregas

Jose & Odalys Fabregas
David Cho of Bradenton, Florida roasted this 85-pound pig.

"I just had my party yesterday with great instructions and supports from you guys. The pig came out very very awesome looking and we named him "BABE". The skin was crispy and delicious and the meats were very tender mmmmm We made lots of pulled pork sandwiches and served with colw slaws, potato salads, pickles, jalapenos, and kimchi for side dishes. "

David Cho
Men's Fraternity at Westgate Chapel (Toledo, OH) roasted one big pig.

"We were inspired by your website to roast a pig Cuban style for a church event last year. Our 150 pound pig fed 260+ that morning and everyone loved it. We're doing two of them this year."

Men's Fraternity at Westgate Chapel
Reed Moormeir and friends roasted a nice looking pig on Farm Island Lake in North Central Minnesota.

"When my friend Steve Madsen and I turned 50 and our Buddy Danny Whitlow turned 40 we wanted to roast a pig up at our lake cabin to celebrate and we found your site. It seemed like a doable deal, so we went for it and had a ball.  The pig came out great and it was a snap. Thanks again – it was an awesome day and incredibly easy, roasting a pig was one thing I always wanted to do and you guys made me look like a pro."

Reed Moormeier

Farm Island Lake, Minnesota

Zack Callarman and the Sigma Chi Fraternity roasted an 85-pound pig in 6 hours in Waco, Texas.

"Last year, we had this crazy idea to roast a pig on a school holiday. None of us had any inclination on how to go about doing this, so we did some internet research and stumbled upon your site. We are gearing up for the Annual Sigma Chi Pig Roast again this year, and I once again consulted your website to refresh my memory. None of this would have been possible without your guys' help, and we've had and will have once again many a happy guest! Thanks!"

Sigma Chi Fraternity – Baylor University
The Garcia and Johnson families of Towson, Maryland prepared their second pig roast to celebrate Owen Garcia's First Communion and Will Johnson's Confirmation.

"When the Moms, Dads, and friends of Overbrook decided to throw a special celebration, the guys knew the perfect guest of honor to invite. We named the 76-lb hog 'Lil Antony,' in special remembrance of Saint Anthony, the Patron Saint of the Pig. We marinated him for 18 hours and gently but deliberately placed him on the oven for six hours. More than 15 people volunteered their time to help construct the oven and organize the event and about 75 people, friends and family, came to celebrate. Above the serving table, Bruce made a banner that read: "a pig resembles a Saint, in that he is more honored in death than during his lifetime." We never realized how pork could serve as such a binding force to bring a community together. We hope it has become a community tradition. Thank you again Three Guys From Miami for the inspiration."

Garcias and Johnsons of Towson, Maryland
(L-R) Owen Garcia, Michael Garcia. Mike Scherer,
Bruce Johnson, and Will Johnson.
"My wife and I run a guest lodge, and outfitting service in Hall, MT. This winter we began to plan a wedding for our sister in law. I thought it would be neat to roast a pig for the event and began doing research on how to do it. Since this was for a wedding, and my first pig roast, I wanted to make sure I was well prepared to prevent a pig roast disaster. The pig was super tender, falling off the bone, deliciously done. Best pig roast ever. We fed 80 people and received rave reviews from the guests. We had almost half of the pig left over and are enjoying the leftovers. I have been asked to roast a pig at our church this fall, and also plan to make a pig roast a regular event at our lodge."
Darren Dunham Royal Outfitters

Hall, Montana

Would you like to visit Montana? Check out ther website:


"Your pig roasting website is fantastic! My 20-something kids and god-kids hold an annual capture-the-flag game here at our farm in Newtown Square, PA - just west of Philadelphia. This was the 7th annual event and my son Elliot and I wanted to try roasting a pig. Your instructions are so detailed and helpful, it gave us the confidence to pull off our first pig roast with almost no hitches.

We bought a 99-pound dressed pig from Canulli's House of Pork in the Philadelphia Italian Market. We didn't have a machete handy, so we used a hatchet and a cleaver, which worked just fine. We used two sections of fencing called "hog panels" for the grills. We cooked the pig for 6 hours and it was just done fine. We fed about 70 people and had plenty left over.

Many, many thanks for your fun and amazingly helpful site!"

Fred Strathman and Family Newtown Square, PA
The families hosted a 4th of July celebration for more than 80 people with a pig roasted the Three Guys From Miami way.

"After seeing the Three Guys From Miami web site, we thought we had a unique opportunity with a rancher, a chef, and a you-name-it-I-can-build-it in our midst (not their day jobs). What could be a better combination to obtain a black wild hog from just east of Gainesville Texas, to cook it to perfection, on a newly created roaster! Roaster features include rebar handles to easily open the sides for coal tending. Thanks for the inspiration!"

Reeds, O'Hallorans, Guillemauds, Poteetes, and Farrells
"Just wanted to thank you for the detailed instructions on how to roast a pig. We followed everything to the "T" and our pig turned out beautiful. Thanks again!"
Anne and Tomas – Columbus, Ohio
Mike and Libby Ladner Pittston, Maine
The Ladners brought the roast to Pittston. Maine with a home-raised Tamworth pig that was four and a half months old and weighed 120 pounds.

"My husband and I completed our first pig roast this weekend and it was a MAJOR success thanks to your website. We fed approximately fifty people at our first-ever pig roast and still had three huge serving trays of left overs! Thank you for sharing this method of pig roasting. The directions on your website are very easy to follow and successful. We are already looking forward to next year!"

Jeff and Tammy Danielewicz Cicero, NY
These guys look like they know how to have fun!

"On July 4th this year, our family decided to try and roast our own pig for our picnic. We found your website and followed your instructions exactly and we were rewarded with a perfectly cooked 126 pound pig! Roasting a pig the Three Guys Way is now going to be an annual 4th of July tradition! So easy and so delicious! Here's a picture of the guys with the finished pig right off the cooker."

Aaron Leslie, Executive Chef at Aspen Lakes in Sisters, Oregon
This is one of the fanciest pig roasts we have ever seen!

"I am the Executive Chef at Aspen Lakes Golf Resort here in Sisters Oregon. I need to thank you. You have helped me complete three successful pig roasts for a total of total of almost 1000 LBS of the best tasting pork any one has ever eaten. My first roast was in Smithers BC, Canada for a catering job. I found your site (and) from that day that I knew that I would never roast a pig any other way then the Cuban way.

The three-pig pit was invented from your directions. I got the, "what do you mean you're not going to cook them all night?" comments. But I know what it takes to cook a pig. I was so glad that your directions from your web sight were still up. These guys wanted to bury the pigs. I say there is no need for that!"

Three Pigs on a Triple-Sized Roaster!
Jon Buckley Portsmouth, New Hampshire
"This is the fourth pig we've prepared using your method and every time it gets better. We roasted a 66 pounder on a beautiful summer day and fed about 40 folks and then some. Thanks for sharing the best way to roast a pig."

Kevin Law Richland – Washington
"Last summer we did a pig roast in the ground. We really didn't know what we were doing and it came off well, not so good. Immediately I started researching on the internet for a better way to cook a whole pig. I came across your web site and I knew that I wanted to try it. I studied it and followed the directions carefully. We got a 122 pound pig from a local butcher shop and we went to town. The only thing that we changed is that we used a small reciprocating saw to split the pig instead of a machete and hammer and it worked perfectly. We cooked it out back and it worked perfectly! We had so many compliments on the meat and it looked great."

Ryan and Bob Lane, Upstate New York
"I just wanted to thank you for sharing your pig roasting method. My brother Bob Lane and I recently cooked a 135lb pig using your awesome technique. The pig turned out great!! We had the roast in Upstate, NY. We had about 85 people and there were plenty of leftovers for everyone to take some home. We used about 100 lbs of charcoal and it took the pig about 7 hours to cook. Everyone said it was the best pig they have ever had. It was so easy and fun to do. This is definitely going to become a yearly event."

Terry Vanderplas and Family, Miami, Arizona
"May 7, 2011, we threw a “Welcome Home” party, for our son. He is a Navy Medic, and has been serving with the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, in Sangin, Afghanistan. I thought it might be risky to roast a hog for the first time, on such an important occasion, but because of your website, we were able to pull it off spectacularly! When I built the roaster, I stacked the blocks in an overlapped fashion. After 4 layers of block, I filled them all with some gravel and crushed stone I had available. Once I secured the foil “liner”, I added the last layer of block, and filled all but the two center blocks on the end also. I think this worked very well. The stone created some thermal mass, and I believe it kept the temperature more stable. "

Desie Kushniryk, Gillam, Manitoba
"It's been almost nine years since we first contacted you with a few technical questions. We were the Gillam School Advisory group. That was my first hog roast, there have been about a dozen since then. Our latest effort on January 14, 2011. This was a Hawaiian theme, post Christmas party for the office staff. A request came in asking if we could roast a pig at this time of year. With our extremely cold temperatures, I just wasn't sure. So, we decided to move forward and see what would happen.

I want to keep this short, so, this is what did happen. The pig got cooked, the pig got ate, the frozen cocktails got drank and a great party was had by all. The technical data, for any of you that wish to try what we did."

The Pig: 75.0 Lbs

Temperature: -30.0 Celsius (-22 ºF)

Wind: 10 kph from the north

Wind chill Factor: -36.0 Celsius (-32.8 ºF)

Katie and Andy Rowse, Bozeman, Montana
"We just roasted our first pig Cuban style! My husband, Andy, and I are from Bozeman, MT and decided to roast a pig in honor of our German friend, Sven's, birthday. We happen to have a good friend, Nick, whose family has a farm where they raise sheep and pigs. We picked our lucky hog and had him butchered two days before the roast. We made your Mojo sauce, which is amazing, and injected him the night before the roast. Four hours of roasting later, and our pig was done! Your instructions worked perfectly, and we fed 32 people with an 80 lb. pig. Everyone raved about how delicious it was, and wants to know when we'll be doing it again. I believe it will become a yearly tradition."
Nolberto "Eddie" Hernandez, White Sulphur Springs, New York
"You guys are great. We just did a pig roast following your directions. Our pig was about 40 pounds and we roasted it for a family barbecue. Hopefully it will be a yearly family event -- thank you. "

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The pigroast pictures on this site depict how people all over the world have created their own pig roasters. Please use these ideas as suggestions (AND NOT COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS) that you may consider when creating your own pig roasting devices.


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