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Amaro Family Pig Roast
"My nephew Emilio does NOT eat pork EVER. He was watching one of the guys cutting it up and he leaned over to me and said...'I think I’m going to try some of that. He loved it! The Cuban in him came out. I also took a picture of him with a cigar sitting by the pig like grandpa did. I can still see him sitting there in his shorts, t-shirt, and cigar in a lawn chair right by the pig. It brought back a lot of memories for me and mom. Thank you for everything!"

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Adam Pisz and Family, Huntington Beach, CA.
“I recently had my second annual Pisz Family Pig Roast on the Labor Day weekend and it was fantastic. I must have read your site ten times before I decided to go ahead with it and I am glad I did. We had a great turnout this year, 120 friends and family showed up for good food and good fun. We ate, played games and listened to a great band, ‘Mike Dena and the Bodhi Tribe.’ I can’t thank you enough for the guidance and detail that made me think, I can do this. Can’t wait for next year.”
Dan Ladd, Karin May, Juliette Crone-Willis, Kelly Crone-Willis, Tom Barnes, and Lynne Condellone, Collinsville, Illinois
“We've roasted pigs before, but always rented the rotisserie. Lucky for us, it was reserved for the day we planned and I found your site! For almost exactly the cost of the rental, we now have a roaster we can use year after year. My boyfriend made your black beans and rice recipe, too. VERY good friends of my family are Cuban, and I had fond memories of their pig roasts. We made a 128 lb pig and had a party of 60 guests. We had unusually perfect weather for October in the midwest, and a wonderful time was had by all."
The Morrans: Grandview, Manitoba Canada
“We thank you for all your information on how to cook a pig. I have always wanted to cook a pig and I have never been to a pig roast I was a little hesitant on attempting such a feat until I came across your web site. Some of my family thought I was crazy but I followed your directions to the T and it turned out perfect. We cooked a 129-pound pig for 54 people and we only ate half -- but by the time everyone left the party there were no leftovers. Everyone made sure they got a doggie bag for home. We are already making plans for next year and having more people with the same size pig."

Andy Hemmings, Beaumont, TX
“Your site is excellent. My dream of cooking a pig finally came true, thanks to your detailed instructions. We had a party last night for my wife's graduation from Cosmetology school. It rained hard all morning and the night before and we had to get creative to see the mission through. The bottom of the pit is actually elevated with bricks above an inch of water that we couldn't drain. All worked out well and the party was a great success. Thank you again. I'll be enjoying more of your recipes, and another pig, in the near future."

Two Guys from Austin Texas
How big was the pig? 72 lbs

How long to roast? 4 hours

How much charcoal? 30 lbs of Kingsford Charcoal

“Made your pig roaster and our pig was perfectly done. We lined the bottom of the pit with fireplace bricks and Aluminum Foil, also lined the long sides of the pit with foil. We had never roasted a pig before but it seemed like we had been doing it for years. Thanks. May the good Lord take a liking to you.."

O'Gradyfest in the "Northern Neck of Virginia"

"(We) first discovered your site back in 2004. ... My college roommates and I were inspired to do a Cuban style pig roast for one of our 21st birthdays that same year. We started in a residential neighborhood in Newport News, Virginia.Ten years later, we're still at it. Thank you for your site. We couldn't have roasted our first hog without your help!"

Spencer, Richard, and Casey

Steven Parker Kailua Hawai'i

"For my 36th birthday I roasted a 75 lb pig on my roaster that I adapted from your excellent directions. I was thinking about buying a china box when I stumbled upon your site and I decided to build a box. I was unable to get cinder blocks at an affordable price, so I decided to build it out of steel with a wood frame to the same dimensions. I put the whole thing on a bed of red brick that I had. The pig took 5 1/2 hours and the bacon glass was spectacular! This method was way better than roasting on a spit. I made the mojito with your recipe, pounded with a mortar and pestle. Perfectly executed due to your excellent instructions. Mahalo Nui Loa!

Steven Parker


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The pigroast pictures on this site depict how people all over the world have created their own pig roasters. Please use these ideas as suggestions (AND NOT COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS) that you may consider when creating your own pig roasting devices.


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