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Pigroast Picture
Terry and family on a farm located in the center of Canada in the province of Saskatchewan. 300 people ate this 150 pound pig at Terry's wedding!

"I was looking for a method of how to roast a pig, but had never done it before and your method looked very good to me. I liked the fact that you could see the pig and also that you flipped it half way through the cooking process. We hope to do a smaller pig every year on our anniversary to remember the great wedding party that you helped us to achieve."

Pigroast Picture

Terry Driedger and Seanna Maher celebrate their one-year anniversary by roasting a wild boar!

"The Boar weighed out to over 40 pounds of meat and we had to skin it due to the coarse hair on the skin. This presented a challenge of how to keep the juices of the meat inside. So, we seared both sides for a very short time over the coal-fire. We used your Cuban mojo and then sprinkled local choke cherry wine on the meat to keep it hydrated throughout the cooking process. We fed almost 30 people with some lovely lean wild meat and we have quite a lot of meat for Cuban style sandwiches this week."

Terry Driedger and Seanna Maher – Saskatchewan
Pigroast Picture
Three Cuban Guys in Iowa City, Iowa! They are César, Jesús, and Alfredo. We hope they survive the winter! Party hosted by Rockne and Mara Cole.

"This is one gal from Iowa, a friend of three Cuban guys here in Iowa City. My friend Alfredo stumbled upon your website and was greatly inspired by the pig roast description, evoking childhood memories of family pig roasts growing up in Cuba. So...we had our very own pig roast here in Iowa! We had a great cultural experience, shared Georgina (the pig) and mojitos with many, many friends, and had a grand day. Thanks for the inspiration, your website is great."

César, Jesús, and Alfredo – Iowa City, Iowa
Tom More and friends roasted a 98-pound pig in Washington State.

"This will become an annual event – Pig-a-Palooza (my wife's idea – the name at least). Our 98 pound porker fed 30 plus people (easily) and we had a few leftovers. What a great day – lots of food and fun. hanks for sharing your fantastic pig roasting method. It turned out to be fairly easy. THANKS!"

Tom More, Jr. and Family – Washington State
Pigroast Picture
This 78-pound pig took 4 1/2 hours to cook. It fed 70 people at a 50th wedding anniversary party for Al's parents.

"Your directions were excellent and I have to tell you that the pig turned out wonderful! I grow my own elephant garlic and oregano and the "mojo" was fantastic. We were a little concerned since the morning temperature was 30 degrees when we started but that did not pose any problem at all. It was amazing to us that it can get so hot inside the blocks. "

Al Scheibner – Orting, Washington
Pigroast Picture
Kim Caramelli, somewhere in Utah, shows off her skill with the machete as her husband looks on. She hosted 45 people with this medium-sized pig.

"I used your pig roasting directions at a party this past weekend out here in Utah and it was a real success. I'd never roasted a pig before and it went off without a hitch. Provided a great theme for a party of about 45 people...couldn't have done it without you!! What a great website."

Kim Caramelli
The Bill Paradis Family – Seekonk, Massachusetts
Pigroast Picture
The Bill Paradis family of Seekonk, Massachusetts gather round for a taste of crispy pig skin!

"Your instructions are the very best on the web. I can't wait to do my next roast. I could not have done it without the great instructions you laid out on your site. You guys are the best. I really enjoy your website."

Ed and Wanda Robles – Orlando
Ed and Wanda Robles and their family in Orlando celebrated New Years with this 45-pound pig.

"We had a great time with our children, grandchildren and friends that came to enjoy the King for the day...THE ROASTED PIG.... Thanks guys for your website...it helped us a lot..."

Pigroast Picture
Mike Vermeulen – Brandon, Florida
Pigroast Picture
Mike Vermeulen of Brandon, Florida roasted a pig for his wife's company Christmas party.

"The pig roast for my wife's Christmas party was perfect. Your directions could not have been more perfect. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you guys put into the website, it rocks."

Five Dudes from Dania
Pigroast Picture
"Five Dudes from Dania" made a splash this year at American Legion Post 304 in Dania, Florida. When Post members decided they wanted an Oktoberfest celebration, the Five Dudes decided that they just had to do something better than the same old "burgers and dogs."
Pigroast Picture
"Man are we glad to have found you "Three Guys" on the Internet. Your instructions were perfect, right down to the homemade Mojo marinade. We roasted two 110-pound pigs for 80 people in just over 6 hours. Not only did we enjoy the pig roast, we managed to raise over $300 for Hurricane Relief from ticket sales and selling leftovers. Thanks, Three Guys!"
Three Guys from Middlebury, Connecticut
Three guys from Middlebury, Connecticut roasted this 80-pound pig for about 70 people. We really like their style, although we're not too sure about the grass skirts!

"In November two of my buddies and I decided to have a pig roast on September 11. We have been to many pig roasts but we have never cooked one ourselves. I decided to search the web and came across your site. I printed the directions and showed my buddies. To make a long story short, everything came out excellent. From building it to cooking it was as easy as pie. Needless to say it was the best pig we ever had..."

Pigroast Picture
Steve Trundle and Friends – Maryland
Pigroast Picture
Pigroast Picture
Steve Trundle and friends in Garrett County, Maryland put the Three Guys pig roast methodology to work up in the mountains. A little rain didn't dampen their spirits!

"Your advice made pros out of genuine novices. We made a couple of minor adjustments to the pig roasting equipment. First, to shield the pit from the rain, we took a few culvert liners and flattened them out to make a portable roof for the pit. This kept things dry and kept the temperature constant when it rained. Ain't never had a tastier pig. Thanks for the direction."

Robert Dunn – Scotland
Another entry from Scotland! (We keep expecting everyone to be dressed like Mel Gibson in Braveheart!) Robert Dunn and his crew roasted a large, 130 lb pig in 8 hours on December 23, 2005. The party was held on the West coast of Scotland.

"Your method was perfect (marinaded in your mojo for 24 hrs, as suggested) and the pig cooked beautifully with everyone commenting on how delicious it was. It pulled apart with fingers really easily and I can't recommend the method/recipe highly enough. RESPECT to the Three Guys From Miami!"

Zachary Marwil, Peter Lee, Prasanth Patch, and Daniel Wong Seitz
Four medical students at St. George's University in Grenada – Zachary Marwil, Peter Lee, Prasanth Patch and Daniel Wong Seitz – roasted this 65-lb pig for a birthday party. They built their pit right on the water over looking the beautiful beach of Grand Anse. The 4 Guys from Grenada used caribbean wood charcoal to cook it.

"I just recently saw what the med students in St. Martin did, and not to say that we're in competition with our Caribbean medical school comrades, but I think you will be equally impressed if not more with our pig roast. On behalf of all the medical students of Grenada who got to enjoy the tasty and juicy pig, we want to say thank you to Three Guys for showing us the way. It was an awesome time!!!"

Frank Chapman, Riverview Florida
Frank Chapman roasted a 65-pound pig "luau style" in honor of his wife's parents 50th wedding anniversary. There were 35 people at the party and the pig cooked to perfection in about six hours.

"I just wanted to thank you guys for the information on your website that made my family's luau a huge success!"

Albarran Family, Chicago
Hey Three Guys! I served a 115 lb pig to about 150 people using your recipe and it turned out like a champ. Thanks!

Sergio Navarro and Steve Flynn – Lake Helen, Florida
Sergio Navarro and Steve Flynn roasted a pig for Daytona Bike Week pig Lake Helen, FL just west of Daytona Beach. Note the wooden pigroaster!

"Last year we decided to roast a pig and used your site to build and cook the pig exactly as you directed. Our 2007 Bike Week pig was a hit, it was a 65 pounder and this year we went to a 90lb pig and was equally delicious. What a better day to eat Hog then during HD Hogweek no?"

Chris Fanning roasted a pig for his son Keller's first birthday party in March 2006.

"We ordered Cuban side dishes from a local cuban restaurant, Felix Continental Cafe. Their congri, maduros, and tostones were a big hit. My wife even made a Cuban style green salad and fruit salad as sides, along with homemade guacamole from our tree and homemade salsa. I fashioned a grilling cage, reinforced the rim with cinder blocks and the rest is history! Six hours later we tested and the moist, tender meat was falling off the bone! Thanks again Three Guys! We honorary Cubans now have a new tradition! "

Chris Fanning, Orange California

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The pigroast pictures on this site depict how people all over the world have created their own pig roasters. Please use these ideas as suggestions (AND NOT COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS) that you may consider when creating your own pig roasting devices.


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