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Sam Dixie, his brother, and two friends of Tallahassee roasted a pig for Florida A&M University's Homecoming.

"Everyone was fascinated with the process. My pig weighed about 90 pounds. I had enough meat left over to freeze and take to another tailgate. We named the pig Aggielina in honor of the North Carolina A&T Aggies that we were playing. Yes we won! "

Sam Dixie and Friends – Tallahassee

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Vijay Patel and Students at St. Matthews University – Cayman Islands
"Hello from the Cayman Islands! The first ever St. Matthews University pig roast went perfectly thanks to the excellent instructions from your website. We held the event on the famous white sand seven-mile beach, and luckily ended up not getting any sand on the pig. The following pics show the preparation of the pig, the insane way that we went about flipping it (we had to rig a rather inadequate flipping mechanism because of lack of proper supplies) and how much the people at our medical school enjoyed the outcome. Thank you "Three Guys from Miami" your website kicks ass!!"

This has to be one of the most picturesque backgrounds we have ever seen at a pigroast! Ken and Sherry Krebs of Wenatchee, Washington (at the foot of the Cascade Mountains) roasted this fine looking pig in Malaga, Washington.

"The roast took place in a very tiny town just outside of Wenatchee called Malaga. It was a beautiful day. The lake is one of a group called Three Lakes and sits next to a golf course under a winery. Wenatchee is known for it's apples, but wineries are popping up like crazy. My husband Ken is head custodian at Wenatchee High School, where they are doing construction. The foreman graciously gave us some leftover rebar from the project, and even cut it to size! This was so successful, we are going to throw a big one for our whole church, complete with a Polka Band!"

Ken and Sherry Krebs – Wenatchee, Washington
Mike Opprecht – Seattle
Mike Opprecht took advantage of the only sunny day in a Seattle winter to do a Three Guys style pigroast for his 40th birthday, his son Jonathan's 6th birthday, and his good friend from work, Ravi Kasinadhuni's 35th birthday. Man, that's a lot of birthdays. Mike and the gang did this 100-pound pig right in Woodinville, Washington, which is a Seattle suburb..
"We marinated the pig overnight with the Mojo recipe on your web site. I welded up a grill, with materials from my local hardware store, the week before. Put the pig on the grill about 11:00. By 4:30 the pig was roasted perfectly and we had a full house, about 50 to 60 people. Platters were being emptied as fast as we could slice the roast beast. This Party was a huge success thanks to your web site!"
Mandy Valdes, Bobby Valdes, Chris Valdes, Brad Valdes, and Marcello Tambuzzo – Winnsboro, South Carolina
Four Cubans (Mandy Valdes, Bobby Valdes, Chris Valdes, Brad Valdes) and an Italian cousin (Marcello Tambuzzo) roasted a nice looking 50-pound pig in Winnsboro, South Carolina at Lake Wateree."

Hey we tried it your way and it works. Great instructions! My grandparents were from Cuba and they would roast pigs for Christmas. We never took the time to write anything down so your recipes are a great trip back in time for us. Thanks."

Ken Kurtz, Mel Barrie, and Bart Henhoeffer – Waterloo, Ontario
Ken Kurtz, Mel Barrie, and Bart Henhoeffer enjoyed "a most succulent" 43-pound pig in Waterloo, Ontario. Canada.

"We served 28 Adults and 7 Children. Comments - best they have ever eaten!"

"Our second "Pig Roast" had a theme of "Hawaiian Lulu" for Katie and Rob Kitchen,July 8th 2005 as they were married the next day and had their Rehearsal Party at our home. Approximately 50 adults came from as far away as Cape Breton, NS. to Vancouver Island, BC. Thanks Guys, you have started a Pig Roasting Craze in Waterloo, Ontario – another is planned for our Canadian Thanksgiving October 10th."
Gene Howard and Family – Victoria, British Columbia
Gene Howard, family, and friends of Victoria, British Columbia roasted this 40 to 50 pound pig. They also had each of the partygoers bring a Caribbean dish to complement the pig.

"I found your web site looking for something new to do for my Summer Solstice Party which I hold annually. This year I decided to roast a pig and when I found your site I thought I had fallen down and gone to heaven. I downloaded your instructions and followed them to the T – well almost. I included Mesquite and Cherry wood chips to smoke it in the last hour of cooking. The pig turned out fabulously."

Kevin Epps and Chris Hainesworth – Bear, Delaware
Kevin Epps and Chris Hainesworth, both of Bear, Delaware roasted this 70-pound pig as a farewell BBQ for a son who was joining the Army.
"With your simple instructions, we pulled off a couple of the best BBQ's ever. Two years ago I used only your "oven" and cooked the pig on a spit. It came out OK, but had many rave reviews and people asking when I was going to do it again. We fed about 60 people with even better reviews than the first time. The difference, it's all in the presentation. Your directions gave us a pig that was almost too good looking to eat, but we managed!"
Rolf Hensche & Herbert Waldner – Coral Gables
Rolf Hensche and co-roaster Herbert Waldner roasted this 30-pound pig for about 20 people in Coral Gables.

"I had to try the pig roast and so we did for New Years Eve 2005. Absolutely fantastic. This one is a keeper and I will do another one in March. Your description was perfect and worked to the T."

Jason Hawkins – New Ringgold, Pennsylvania
Jason Hawkins and friends roasted this 85 lb. pig in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania.

"It couldn't have been easier! We started the fire at 7:45 am with charcoal and after spreading the coals, added apple and oak wood to them which provided an awesome smoke! Thanks again for helping make possible the first annual Camp New Ringgold Hog Roast."

The Flynns – Newfoundland
The Flynns roasted this mouthwatering 136-pound pig in Newfoundland for a wedding anniversary AND in honor of Canada Day.

"The 101 people who attended all had an excellent time. We'll never roast a pig any other way. The mojo was excellent. We are thinking about making this an annual event."

The Dawgs celebrate with a pigroast.
Dawgs Windup
4 Guys from Fort Walton Beach
4 Guys from Fort Walton Beach roasted this pig June 9, 2007 on Spectre Island in the intracoastal waterway.

"Yes we cooked a pig on an island. We had to ferry everything out, but it was well worth the effort. The hardest part was getting the cinder blocks from the house to the island. We left them for others to use camping and cooking. The pig turned out great and it cooked itself with only one turning, just as your plans stated."

Ian Crane
Ian Crane and his girlfriend Sumer and had a huge Christmas Bash on December 15 of 2007.

"I can't thank you enough for your detailed instructions about how to roast a pig. Our pig was 140 pounds and was done in 9 hours. It was snowing outside which made it even more memorable. The pig fed over 100 people with very little left over. The party was amazing and the pit is in the backyard to stay. I had my neighbor help me weld the frame together so I can use it again and again. I couldn't have done it without you guys, this method of cooking a pig is really the way to go! "

John & Linda MacLeod – Jacksonville
The MacLeod's clebrated their 3rd Anniversary/Resodding Party with a 90-pound porker in Jacksonville.

"My husband and I decided to have a pig roast to celebrate our anniversary this year. We had absolutely no idea how to go about it; your website directions were clear, concise and VERY entertaining to read. We're planning on resodding our front yard, so we constructed our pit out by the street (and made sure we invited all members of our Homeowner's Association!). It definately drew a lot of attention from passersby. All told on the day of the party, we had a total of 80+ people."

Logan Niles
Logan Niles cooked a nice 45-pound pig after picking up some cinder blocks on Craigslist for $20.

"A good friend and neighbor sourced some steel for us from a scrap yard and was nice enough to weld it together so now we're all set for future pig roasts with our custom frames. The frames worked great and kept the pig in place. The cold pig was over the coals by 12:30pm and by 6:30pm everyone was eating. Everyone at the party was incredibly impressed. The tenderest part of the pig was the delicious cheek meat and we're all excited to do this again next year! So this chef is sold on the Cuban pig roast method and can't wait to perfect my technique next year!"

Ross Pudney
Ross Pudney and friends of Middle Grove, NY added a twist to their pigroast: fresh corn on the cob roasted with the pig!

"We used your cooking method for our first attempt at roasting a pig on Aug 23rd 08' and this pig came out spectacular! We roasted the 130lb pig at a temp of 225 to 250 for 13 hrs, basting only with apple cider. Everyone said this was the best pork they ever had. This will now be an annual event for us. Thank you for your insightful web page and ideas!"

Dean Phillips and Jason Davis – Michigan
Dean Phillips and Jason Davis on Drury Lane somewhere in Michigan?

"My buddy Jason and I have been doing this now for three years and look forward to many more. Thanks a million for your online guide. It's the highlight of our neighborhood now for 3 years in a row."

Will Doucette
"Can't thank you enough for your step by step directions – My 71 Lb. (Locally raised too!) hog came out perfect and was a huge success. No one could believe it was the first time I'd roasted a pig."
William and Nivian Crews and Little Victoria Isabel
"I want to thank you for the website and the instructions on the Pig roast. My wife who is Cuban has been in this country since 95 and we met some 6 years ago. We had our first daughter together 1 year ago Sept 07 and Nivian, my wife, always dreamed of having a pig roast for our child's first birthday. I followed your instructions to the letter and it went off without a hitch. Although my wife says, you guys left out the Cumin In the Mojito recipe. I want to thank you for putting together such a great website, It really helps her out when she misses the homeland."
Jon Buckley – Portsmouth, N.H
Jon Buckley of Portsmouth, N.H. roasted a fine looking pig on a beautiful fall day.

"Here is a picture or two from my first pig roast I put on... Some people were skeptical about the cooking method, but once they bit into that pig they were believers. hanks for the great info your website provided me. This made my planning much easier."

Chad Fleck, Eric Olson, and Toby Ward – Swaziland
We have to admit that we had to Google Swaziland just to figure out where it is, and it sure is a long way from Miami! Three guys in Swaziland showed the locals how to roast a pig Cuban style.

"We gave your pig roasting rig a run for its money in southern Africa. Turns out that it works just as well in the southern hemisphere as it does in the north! What a feast, and our Swazi friends loved it. It's unheard of to cook an whole, intact animal here in Swaziland – chopped up and stewed is the prefered method – so it was fun to share this Cuban cultural phenomenon.

One adaptation we had to make was crucial: we had to compensate for the elevation. Mbabane (our town) is at about 4,000 feet. So my father-in-law, Tom Kummer, who is a maestro on the grill, had enough sense to suggest we lower the walls from 4 blocks to 3. This turned out to be just right, as the pig was cooked perfectly in the time you'd suggested for the weight. So, if you've got any pals in the Alps, Andes, or Rockies, pass along this tip!"

Every year, the students in Rick DiGiuseppe's graduate department at Florida State University throw a weekend-long party called Meatfest. Each Meatfest has a different meat theme, and in 2009, it fell to Rick to be the planner of this event.

"I thought that roasting a whole pig would be a great way to end my final year here, but I was surprised by how difficult it is to find detailed instructions on how to do this. Fortunately I found your website! Everybody pitched in and we followed your recipe carefully. When the pig was finished, we put it on a table and stood around it and devoured it like savages! It was some of the most delicious meat I've ever eaten. Thanks so much for your easy-to-follow recipe. A good time was had by all."

Rick DiGiuseppe's Graduate Department – Florida State University
Brendan Hartnett
Brendan Hartnett of Fortville, Indiana cooked this 140-pound pig in five hours with friends Tom, Kelsey, and Rick.

"Your method worked PERFECTLY. This hog was approximately 200+ lbs live weight (they told me it was probably 140 butchered) even though I asked for a smaller one. I put the hog on at around 6AM figuring it wouldn't be done until early afternoon but it was done around 11:00!!! I also used the mojo sauce on your site. EVERYONE loved it and I still have people talk about it. I plan on having a roast every year."

Paul and Erik Berry – Flower Mound, Texas
Two Guys from Flower Mound, Texas cooked a pig to perfection on a nicely made roaster.

"We used the instructions on your website, and our pig roast turned out fantastic! The whole event was a success and everyone wanted to know how we came up with the idea. Thanks to you guys we looked like experts. Thanks for the site and for sharing your techniques."

Jamie Olliff
"Our roast was phenominal and the Mojo sauce was perfect! We found it locally, with oil, by the gallon!The pig was so tender it's hams almost fell apart on the second flip. Lesson learned! Thank you so much for taking the time to go step by step in your instructions! I have three customers who also roasted pigs the same weekend, just by coincidence. They started at 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. and all were serving at 6 p.m. They were all stunned when I told them 5.5 hours, and that was pushing it to the limit. I woke up at 8:00, started a fire, and we were eating by 3:00!"

Richard Molinar
"My oldest son had his first communion last Saturday and for the occasion, I roasted my first whole pig. My wife is Colombian and we had 50 to 60 guests. I was terrified to try a project this big with all of the things that could go wrong. Truth be told, the only reason it happened was due to the confidence that I gained in reading all the information that you provided on your web page. Long story short, It was a huge success."
Davie Brightbill – Tallahassee, Florida
Davie Brightbill and crew in Tallahassee, Florida are really going pro with a great pigholder.

"My crew and I have done two pigs (so far) using your methods. The first one was a 160 pound hog that we did for my daughters wedding. We were under-prepared for that event, but none the less, the pig was delicious and my new Puerto Rican in-laws say I can come and do one there any time I want."

"We did a 108 lb dressed pig in about 6 3/4 hrs that fed about 100 people (others brought sides), and had some to take home. I found the instructions too easy to believe, and I followed them almost to a tee.  We started with a 20 lb bag of charcoal, but for refueling, we had a campfire going with all hickory, and used a small shovel of the coals to restoke the corners."

Geoff Crewe and Tom Callaghan
The Swansons of Spring, Texas cooked an 85-lb pig in 3.5 hours using just 20 pounds of mesquite charcoal. The pig fed 30 adults and 30 kids.

"Hello from Texas ,the lone star state. WE found ourselves in a bind last week, we were haveing a pig roast and our expert didn't seem to know what he was doing! We were really depending on him. I found your web site, followed your directions to the letter, and every thing was perfect.Thank you so very much."

Terry and Penney Swanson – Spring, Texas
Brad Watson roasted a 65-lb pig and fed 50 – including a bunch of kids.

"The hog roast was for my two son's birthday party – Jordan and Justin. She was so pretty on both sides and the skin was good and crispy. We also had plenty of sides along with hotdogs, chicken, slabs of ribs, cole slaw, baked beans, and much more. Special thanks to my wife, Stacy for all the support she gave me through out the longggggg process. We are looking forward to doing this once a year. Special thanks to you guys as well. Your instructions worked to the tee. "

Brad Watson

The Shaffer family cooked a 95-lb pig to celebrate "Oinktoberfest" in Colleyville, Texas.

"Our main reason to attempt this feat was the novelty – years of yearning for a roasted pig and getting to share the experience with 80 of our best friends and family in North Texas! It was a great experience, well worth all the work and your web site was absolutely perfect! Can't count the times I was asked if this was going to be an annual event!"

The Shaffers
A successful pigroast at the River Crest Farm in Milford, Connecticut!

"My husband and I used your directions for pig-roasting and it turned out great. We fed about 75 people – many of them had never been to a pig roast before, and we had a great time. Thanks for putting that information on your website!"

Maria Macri & Family – Milford, Connecticut
The Genovese family of Connecticut started small this year with a 55-lb pig.

"We couldn't wait for it to be done. All our children who had pronounced that they wouldn't touch the pig, couldn't stop gobbling down the little pieces we were slicing off the pig. It was so juicy and tasty. Once the company arrived we got down to serious business and sliced it up. The meat just fell off the bone! It was beyond delicious. The party went well and we have you to thank for it."

Rick Genovese and his Cousin Mike – Connecticut

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The pigroast pictures on this site depict how people all over the world have created their own pig roasters. Please use these ideas as suggestions (AND NOT COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS) that you may consider when creating your own pig roasting devices.


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