Noche Buena in Tampa

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Neil and family
Pig on the roaster
Nephew Neil and Cousin Frank carried on the Noche Buena tradition in Tampa. Jorge's brother Pedro Castillo made the trip up to Tampa to represent the Miami Cubans.
Carving the meat
Wow, look at that pig!
Angie gets a taste
Group photo with pig
(L to R) Monica Ruiz, Pedro Castillo, Neil Ruiz, Adrian O'Farrill, Frank O'Farrill, Marlen O'Farrill.
Angie sneaks a taste.
Wow, look at that pig!
Picking out the choice morsels.
(L to R) Pedro Castillo, The Pig, Frank O'Farrill, and Aida O'Farrill.
Neil and family
Little Lizzie gets bigger every day! (L to R) Vanessa O'Farrill, Neil Ruiz, Angie Lascano, and Lisseth.


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Noche Buena in Miami

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