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How long do you think the food you buy will last? A week? Two weeks? Perhaps a month or two if it’s canned and stored correctly. But what happens to that food after it reaches its expiration date?

How Long Your Foods can Last?

The shocking truth is that 40% of the world’s food goes uneaten – which is over 1.2 billion tons annually. This is in accordance to the report disclosed by Environmental Protection Agency. That’s enough wasted food to feed every hungry person on earth three times over! If translated, then this would be an equivalent of over $165 billion worth of food. In addition, as much as 50% of all edible vegetables are thrown away from being “ugly” or cosmetically imperfect.

That’s a Lot of Food Waste!

The average consumer (in the U.S. and Canada) throws out 21 pounds of food every month! This is a huge problem, and we’re not just talking about wasted money here.