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Douglas Crowley – Chicago
Chicago firefighter Douglas Crowley roasted this 80-pound pig. We're not sure how many people he had at his party, but he reports that 40 minutes after serving, nothing was left but bones and the head!

"Every year in Chicago two rather large Saint Patrick day parades happen. One runs directly through a predominantly Irish neighborhood. We recently moved there and decided to start an annual party. I saw your site and fell in love with the idea. It took little effort and was a lot of fun. The guys at work want me to lug the roaster to the firehouse one day. We'll see."

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Del and Jean Lucas, Mark and Nancy Van Patten – Bowling Green, Kentucky
Two self-described "Yankees" brought the Cuban pigroast to Bowling Green, Kentucky. This 195 lb. dressed weight pig was cooked to perfection in just over seven hours and used only 65 lbs. of charcoal. Some 70 lucky people feasted on this pig with "just a few leftovers."

"Every southerner I consulted said "no way." Digging the pit was too much work, it would take to long to cook, you can't tell when it's done, it will burn... and on and on. Because of your well written and simple instructions and clear graphics on what was needed, we had great results. Everyone raved! Thanks for helping some Yankees earn some respect in the mid-south!"

Del and Jean Lucas, Mark and Nancy Van Patten
David Lind and Phyllis Hunt – Selah, Washington
David Lind and Phyllis Hunt of Selah, Washington had never been to a pigroast, but thought they should have something a little unusual for their combination housewarming and wedding anniversary party on June 26. They followed the Three Guys instructions exactly – except that they were lazy and had the butcher saw the pig in half, giving their pig one heck of a split personality!

"Our 58 guests loved the results! We made our pig holder with expanded metal. Our welded steel "pig sandwich" should be usable for many more roasts. As for the pig, we dressed it up with an apple--split in two, of course."

Joseph Collias – Washington, MA
This "Massachusetts Yankee," Joseph Collias roasted a 70 pound pig to perfection. friends and family were amazed! The pig turned out so well, he plans on doing another one for Labor Day in Washington, MA.

"What a great site. Your directions were perfect and humorous. Now, its going to be an annual affair at our house. My pig even looked exactly like the ones in your photos. I just wanted to write you mostly because I am impressed that you all took the time to share your skills with others. The world needs more guys like you!"

Eric and Carla Martin – Duvall, Washington
Eric and Carla Martin from Duvall, Washington (about 40 miles north and east of Seattle) roasted this beautiful 90 pound pig for 40 adults and 33 kids! (Wow, that's a lot of kids!) Even a short burst of rain didn't slow things down. We are especially impressed by the beautiful pigholder... Someone really did a nice job!

"Boy did we have a great time at our pig roast!! We could not have pulled it off without your site. We have wanted to have a pig roast for years but were always afraid if we could really pull it off. Your site with all the step by step information; from how to get the pig to how to cook it was the reason it was such a success! We followed your instructions for the whole thing including the drinking mojitos and beer while watching it roast."

Stuart and Steve Dols – Rockville, Maryland

Stuart and Steve Dols brought the Cuban pigroast to Rockville, Maryland. They roasted a 33-pound pig and an eight-pound leg of lamb.

It turned out to be plenty of food for about 30 people with a few leftovers.

"We used your instructions to very successfully roast this pig. My brother's an electrician, and he had plenty of conduit and conduit hangers laying around with which to fabricate our pig holder. We used some heavy gauge wire to tie the pig into the holder for good measure during flips. Thank you so much for your awesome instructions!"

Pedro and Faye Pino – Odenville, Alabama

July 4th, 2004 in Odenville, Alabama. Pedro and Faye Pino hold their own Three Guys from Miami Cuban-Style Pig Roast.

"My wife Faye and I invited neighbors, co-workers and friends to celebrate this great holiday with a Cuban twist. Everyone was encouraged to bring along a dish to share. We cooked a 60-pound pig and had a good time sampling some other Cuban food including tostones, yuca y chicharrones. Faye and I want to thank you for your informative Web site. Saludos!"

Carla and Richard Zotzman – Regina, Saskatchewan
Carla and Richard Zotzman, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada planned a luau for their wedding and with the idea of roasting a pig – only they did it Three Guys from Miami style.

"Roasting the pig in the ground wasn't a very feasible thing to do and after a little searching, we found your website... the pig was a HUGE hit. And following your instructions, it was SO easy to do and provide a spectacular result! It was such a success that people were, not asking us, TELLING us we had to do this every year."

Gillam School Advisory Board – Gillam, Manitoba
We had to look twice at that photo! This is certainly the strangest looking group of people to ever roast a pig Three Guys' style, and we mean that in the nicest way. (Maybe we should say they are the most unusual looking group!) The Gillam School Advisory Board roasted this split personality pig in Gillam, Manitoba, just south of Churchill, Manitoba – known as the polar bear capitol of the world.

"What a blast, we got our hands on two seventy pound halves of pork. We followed the directions and presto bongo it all came together like a charm. The local school advisory board hosted a staff appreciation at the start of the school year. We announced it at the end of the school year that it would be a Medieval theme. This gave some of the willing participants a chance to buy, make, or find costumes while out on summer vacation. The pig turned out perfectly, it took about seven hours to cook. We then stuffed about 45 people with tons of leftovers. The staff have asked if we would consider making this an annual event, to which we replied, 'why sure.'"

Happy Valley – Goose Bay, Labrador
We have always said that there is NOTHING like a pig roast and a COLD beer! Looks like these guys had a great time in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada with their pig roast on September 18, 2004.

"Thanks to your excellent instructions we built our fire pit and "flippers" from scratch, and we cooked a 120 lb pig (using your tasty marinade recipe!) to absolute perfection! It may not be as warm in Labrador as it is in Miami, but the party was hot, hot, hot! We ended up feeding about 40 guests.

"We also used the pig roast to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. We had people at the party offer donations and we were sponsored by Labatt Breweries, so besides having a great time and a tasty meal, we also supported a good cause. Thanks again guys we couldn't have done it without your help!"
Five Georgia Good Ol' Boys – Bob, Tommy, Mac, John, and Charles
Five Georgia Good Ol' Boys – Bob, Tommy, Mac, John, and Charles – show they know how to turn out a great roasted hog! The boys did it right in Danielsville, Georgia.

"In the south we do things always different. It's always our way, or no way. I found your site skeptical at first, then decided to try it this fourth of July. Beside the Georgia Heat, The roast was "out of sight". Thank you for showing us a way with very little work involved, meaning, no flipping the hog every thirty minutes."

In the North Georgia mountains by a scenic, woodsy site, one gringo named Jim Pellegrino and his Cuban friend Jose Socarras served a roast pig to 35 hungry people.

"My new neighbors were up for the holidays. Their last visit up here they had explained about their Cuban traditions and this gringo had to get in on this one. I provided the pig and he provided the secrets. It was some of the best pork most of us had ever had. "

Jim Pellegrino, Jose Socarras and their families
Larry Miner roasted this pig for the day after his daughter's wedding (the newlweds are Mr. and Mrs. Lia and Paul Fresty) in Bath, Ohio.

"It was a beautiful day. It was 52 lbs. and as tender as could be. It took 60 lbs of charcoal, 5 ½ hours to cook and served 50 Greeks from all over Ohio, Michigan and the Chicago area. Looking forward to many more roasts this summer, but especially the lamb we'll do this coming Christmas day ! The roaster is a big hit, everyone is asking about it."

Larry Miner – Bath, Ohio
John Nyboer roasted a forty pound pig in about five hours, using a combination of charcoal and oak. About 30 people showed up to the party in San Jose, CA to enjoy the results.

"Not much more to say other than that it was a Memorial Day to remember!"

John Nyboer for the Fullerton Rapids All Stars – San Jose, CA
The Cresswells – New Westminster, British Columbia
The Cresswells cooked a 131 pound sow in eight hours, for 78 people in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

"My hat is really off to you guys. I had a custom stainless steel grill rack made up for the occasion. It worked fabulously. Cuba's loss is truly Miami's gain in you great guys."

Anthony Renli roasted this pig at his family's ranch is in North Western South Dakota.

"It was my grandfather's 90th birthday, and he said he wanted a hog roast at the family ranch. I saw a food network show where they featured La Caha China, but nobody wanted to shell out three hundred dollars to buy a pig roaster! Your directions were easy to follow and worked like a charm. Everyone who crowded the ranch house LOVED the pig. It was cooked perfectly. You guys made an old cattle rancher's 90th birthday special. We want to thank you."

Anthony D. Renli & Family – North Western South Dakota
It was the pig that grew and grew – Patty Baird somehow roasted a 350 pound beast (live weight) and fed 250 people!

"We expanded the dimensions of the grill by adding another block, making it 4 blocks by 3. The pig went on at 7:00 a.m., was flipped at 1:00 p.m., and was done by 4 p.m. We used seven 15 lb bags of charcoal. The weather was beautiful (albeit very warm for October in Ohio) and there was very little wind. We were easily able to feed our 250 guests, and had about 20 lbs of meat left over. It turned out great, we had tons of compliments, and look forward to doing it again next year. Thank you so much for all of your help!"

Patty Baird and 250 Close, Personal Friends – Ohio
Jack Olcott
It looks like some pirates joined Jack Olcott for a pigroast! Jack didn't mind taking his shirt off in honor of the pig and the summer heat.

"Everything worked like clockwork. Followed your directions and everyone enjoyed great food and great company. This was such a great turnout, I will be hosting a pig roast in this fashion for years to come. I am anxious to fire up the pit already! Thank you for sharing with the world! You guys are great."

Guy Natale, Jr. and the "Red Army" roasted this pig in Tucson, Arizona. (The Red Army isn't a bunch of Communists! They are fans of the Arizona Wildcats football team.)

"Last weekend, me, my friends and my family roasted a pig using the brick pit method from your website and the pig came out great! Thanks so much for making all of that information available. We pretty much followed your method, step by step, and the pig came out great. This was out first time roasting a whole pig and it came out fantastic, despite our lack of experience."

Guy Natale, Jr. – Tucson, Arizona
These guys put togther a beach-side pigroast for Ryan Roller's sister's 30th birthday on January 17, 2008 in Playa Jaco, Costa Rica.

"We decided it was time to roast a chancho on the beach in front of our houses, so, it was on. . With sides of pineapple and gallo pinto (C.R. style beans and rice), we put together a simple, yet unforgettable roast. One of our guests was a Hawaiian recently moved to Costa Rica. He was pessimistic about this style of cooking, our set-up, the heat, everything. He had directed 100 beach burial roasts on the islands at a resort, so the pressure was on.

"Needless to say, our aloha buddy was the last one at the table licking his fingers while hunched over in fullness. His words, 'That is possibly the best roast pig I've ever had.' That comment, followed by a bon fire and some fireworks on the beach left us as happy and satisfied as one can imagine."

Ryan Roller, Marco Seale, and Jason Feeny – Playa Jaco, Costa Rica.
J. Bruce & B.C. Loggers – British Columbia, Canada
This may look like something that came off of the deck of a cabin cruiser, but it is actually a pigroaster made out of wood. Some striking loggers in British Columbia, Canada used their woodworking skills to create the impossible. The result is an amazing feat of engineering that managed to roast a 63-pound pig to perfection.

"We are out of work loggers – we're on strike – and funds were a bit short so we built our roaster out of old bridge planks lined with steel. With any luck we'll do up a moose quarter or maybe half a deer this New Years Eve."

Luis and Wendy Sanchez
Luis Sanchez and his wife Wendy treated their ministry supporters to an afternoon of Salsa music, dominos, yuca, lechón, and Luis' famous flan! The couple fed over 50 people and had tons of pork leftover.

"Buenisimo (Spectacular)! My cousin 55 (25 pigs), uncle 83 (50 pigs+) and my father 77 (a PH'd) in typical Cuban fashion insulted me at the use of todo's los blockes. (All the bricks) and at the fact that I was throwing a 75 pound on at 11:00 a.m. for a 5:00 p.m. party. They were wrong and you were right! It was the best pig we have ever had."

Chris McClellan and His Wife
Chris McClellan and his wife roasted a 65-pound pig for an annual Hawaiian themed party in Eastern Oregon.

"We have always wanted a whole pig but I could never talk my wife into letting me dig a pit in our backyard! Thanks to your method we had perfectly roasted pig and it was the hit of the party. Thanks for sharing this with the world and helping us start a tradition that will last forever!"


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The pigroast pictures on this site depict how people all over the world have created their own pig roasters. Please use these ideas as suggestions (AND NOT COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS) that you may consider when creating your own pig roasting devices.


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