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Kevin Egan – Georgia
Kevin Egan and friends roasted this 80-pound pig in Georgia.

"Hey guys, I followed your Pig Roast instructions to the "T", and the little porker (about 80 lbs) came out perfect!

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The Mesa Family – Northern Texas
Northern Texas on a cold Christmas day – at least there wasn't any snow on the ground!

Left to right: The Mesa family: Jorge, Ramon, Hilda (Mom), Victor, Elias (Vic & Sally's #2 son), Aiden (Vic & Sally's #1 son), and Sally (Victor's wife).

"When it came time to flip the pig, we discovered our pig was cooking very fast and had burned the skin of the pig. We credit this to it being our first time. We'll know better for next time."

Nebo, Jaime, Ernest and Edmar – Newark, CA
Nebo, Jaime, Ernest and Edmar roasted this 46-pound pig for the Superbowl in Newark, CA. This picture must have been taken at half time – half the pig is gone already!

"Even the rain didn't stop us..."

One more picture from Newark: just to prove that they did start out with a whole pig. Whew! We thought maybe they had been taken on one of those "pigs – half price" deals!
Tyler, Jasmyn, Grace, Kristen, Nicole (with her mom Lu), Hope and Marissa
The Kids' Turn as they celebrate Nicole's first birthday in August!

From left: Tyler, Jasmyn, Grace, Kristen, Nicole (with her mom Lu), Hope and Marissa

Dave and John – Tallahassee
Dave and John roasted a 55-pound pig "Three Guys Style" for a father/daughter campout with the YMCA Indian Princesses in Tallahassee, Florida. There were eight tribes competing for the coveted "Buffalo Meat" award for the best food and Dave and John (with, we suspect, a little help from the princesses) won hands down!!

"We transported the cinder blocks and everything else we needed out to the woods and cooked it there. Most everyone up here is used to having pork with barbecue sauce and had never had pork marinated in mojito. The judges were blown away. We also added black beans and rice, tostones and Cuban bread to create a real Cuban feast! Thank you for a great website and great directions for cooking a pig!"

Col. Harry Howells – Bradenton, FL
YES SIR! Pig reporting for duty Sir!

Col. Harry Howells and friends called everyone to attention for the presentation of this great pig in Bradenton, FL on Valentine's Day.

"Three of us – a Land Developer, a Police Chief, and an Air Force Colonel took on this task to feed the neighborhood and with your excellent instructions... it turned out very successful and delicious!!!"

Mal and Stella Forth – Inverness, Scotland
Mal and Stella Forth did a fine job roasting this pig in Inverness, Scotland for a house warming party. Chief Pig Turner Mal Forth and Deputy Pig Turner Iain Fraser and Fynn, the dog – who thought the whole day was wonderful.

"The results were excellent! The roaster, frame, mojo - everything worked like a dream. The only things that were missing were the Cuban shirts and the Miami sunshine! And the pig was delicious! Compliments all round. Definitely looking forward to the next time."

Buck Shomo – Detroit
Buck Shomo of Detroit Michigan roasted a pig on October 26. A little drizzle just as the pig was ready to come off the grill didn't dampen the spirits (or the appetites) of the party goers.

"My 12-year-old nephew Nate made quite a splash the next Monday at school as he told everyone how he ate a pig's ear, eyeball and even a bit of the snout..."

Travis Teale and Patrick Gebbie – Potsdam, NY
A couple of college guys from Clarkson University way up in Potsdam, NY roasted this nice looking (and large!) pig for their annual Sigma Chi Fraternity Pig Roast. Travis Teale and Patrick Gebbie make us wish we were 21 years old again. These guys look like they know how to have fun!

"We cooked for about 200 people, and had a large 150-pund pig. The pig came out perfectly and tasted great- absolutely no compaints from anyone!"

The Lopez Family – Redland, Florida
The Lopez family from The Redland area of Miami, Florida cooked an 80-pound pig for Christmas Eve.

"Following your explicit instructions, the pig roasted to perfection! I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me revive a lost family tradition! I put the pig on at around 11:00 AM and it was ready by 5 PM! We had so much fun that my wife and I want to roast another next year when her brother returns from Afghanistan."

Arnold Serafin – Hialeah, Florida
Our good friend Arnold Serafin roasted a pig for the traditional Noche Buena dinner in Hialeah, Florida. The "Two Guys from Hialeah" did a great job with this nice looking pig..

"It came out great!! The pig was an 80 pounds and it fed over 40 people – it came out awesome!!"

Rich Roberts – Tucson, Arizona
Rich Roberts of Tucson, Arizona roasted a 68-pound pig to perfection in about six hours. It fed about 35 people with a few pounds left over for some tasty sandwiches while doing couch time the next day.

"Thanks for the best pigroast web site in the world!! I followed your directions to one of the best parties ever – we also floated a keg of Amber Bach). We have a similar soil problem in Arizona to Miami; there is a layer of what appears to be hardened diamond about three inches below the soil called caliche. It takes a jack hammer to make a post hole, much less a pit. This method works PERFECT. I advanced the design a bit (comes from the engineer and redneck background). I was thinking the pit would be temporary, but after the success it is now a permanent fixture. We had the party just because, now I'm eagerly searching for a good (any) reason to do it again."

Kevin Matthews and Friends – Arlington, Virginia
Kevin Matthews and friends had a housewarming party for Kevin's new place in Arlington, Virginia. 80 pounds of pig cooked in 4 1/2 hours and fed about 60 people.

"You guys rock! We want to be in your Hall of Fame. We followed the directions with the "Plan B" pig rack and everything worked great."

Ken and Matt Blakeslee – Trenton, New Jersey
Ken Blakeslee and his son Matt of Trenton, New Jersey MASTERED this 120-lb (on the hoof) pig!

"I offered my services to cook for the American Legion where I'm a member. There were about 75 people there. The pig took about 4 1/2 hrs. with plenty of leftovers.

I know you don't see many deer down there; but if you find one, it's great cooked this way. Thank you very much."

The Blakeslees roast another pig. They even toasted the pig with a bottle of "Pig Nose Scotch."

"Cooking a pig in the back yard is turning into a tradition that I know my children will carry on. Labor Day weekend was a smash! Thanks Again."

Los Cinco "Vatos" Locos – Austin, Texas
They call themselves Los Cinco Vatos Locos and they cooked a 49-pound pig in 5 hours in their home of Austin, Texas.

"We found your pig roast website and decided to start an annual Christmas pig roast of our own. We cooked following your directions to the letter with the exception of a little Tex-Mex flare. All 50+ family members and guests where very impressed. As you can see from the photo it was a little chilly as it was the coldest day of the year hovering around 28-34 degrees most of the day. It didn't hamper the spirits or fiesta there was plenty of wood to burn and tequila to drink."

Andrew Skrobko and Friends – Orlando
A Cuban pigroast for a Mexican holiday! Andrew Skrobko and friends roasted this great looking pig in downtown Orlando, Florida.

"We had about 40 people in our backyard downtown in Orlando, Florida on Cinco De Mayo. It took 6 hours and 60 pounds of charcoal just like you said. It's going to be an annual thing from now on."

John & Lisa Martin – Vicksburg, Mississippi
John Martin of Vicksburg, Mississippi cooked this 89-pound pig in under seven hours. John has a long tradition of roasting pigs and this pigroast helped "Christen" a great new backyard landscaping project designed by his wife, Lisa.

"Some of the best pork I have ever cooked, judging by how the 65 or so people in our yard lined up and devoured the pig and other goodies. Looks like I am down for a minimum of two pig roasts a year for the foreseeable future using the perfect Pig Plateau and Pig Pad to cook using the Three Guys from Miami method of pig roasting. However, I suspect we will probably have more than two a year. Thanks Three Guys from Miami!"

Chris Brown & Family – Louisville, Kentucky
Chris Brown, his brother-in-law Jay, and father Jim Brown of Louisville, roasted a huge hog to celebrate the 2008 Kentucky Derby. There were plenty of leftovers to send home with the guests!

"Thanks to your simple instructions this was my second roasted pig. This one was 149 pounds and took 10 hours to cook. "

Jamie and Kris Rice – Tucson
Jamie and Kris Rice cooked this pig in Tucson.

"Just wanted to thank you for the detailed instructions on how to roast a pig. We had never done one before and with help from your site and a few cocktails the pig turned out perfect. "

Mark Webster and Aaron Foss – Long Island, New York
Mark Webster and Aaron Foss cooked this pig in Long Island, New York

"For my buddy's 30th birthday, we decided to attempt our first pig roast. We looked at different methods online, and after having the luck to find your website, we followed your instructions (and recipe). I'm happy to report that it went off without a hitch! The pig was delicious, and a big hit with the guests. It was also much easier than we thought it would be "

Jeremy Cuss – Golcar, Huddersfield, England
Jeremy Cuss roasted a pig for 130 people at his church's social in Golcar, Huddersfield, England in August 2006.

"I followed the instructions exactly for the concrete blocks and the aluminium base plate and foil. I decided that I would make up a welded top and bottom frame using 1” and ½” thin-walled carbon steel tube. A 2” mesh was welded onto the frame to hold the pig and the haunches in place. The 100-pound pig and 3 haunches (about 150 pounds total weight) were cooked for 6 1/2 hours and only used 20kg (44lb) of charcoal. It tasted delicious. We were lucky to have a butcher (Michael Thewlis) to buy and prepare the meat and supervise the cooking."

Fred Finnerty has just about the best looking permanent pig roaster we have ever seen! This one is in Flemington, New Jersey.

"We used to roast a pig every Labor Day on Staten Island N.Y. at my mother-in-law's house. We did it on a spit over a fire, which took all day. That all ended when my in-laws moved to Florida. My wife and I soon followed, leaving her two brothers and sister with their families in N.Y and New Jersey. Well three years later my brother-in-law's wife calls and asks how she could arrange a pig roast for his birthday. My in-laws are Puerto Rican and I'm Irish, and Steven (my wife's brother and birthday boy) and I were pretty much in charge of setting up the spit, fire, cooking, and cutting the pig. I think the pig came out better this way, it was much easier to cook, tasted great, cooked faster and there was less guess work as to when and if the pig was done. Thanks for all your help Guys!"

Fred Finnerty – Flemington, New Jersey

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The pigroast pictures on this site depict how people all over the world have created their own pig roasters. Please use these ideas as suggestions (AND NOT COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS) that you may consider when creating your own pig roasting devices.


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