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6 Tips for Selling Your To-Go Menu on Social Media

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Social media is pre-eminently the tool that you can use to promote and sell your to-go menu. Some even buy Instagram likes from providers to boost their following. But if you want to go organic, how do you go about that? See here: 6 tips!

1. Create beautiful and quality content

You might think of this tip: Joh. But it is extremely important to promote your menu with content! Think of photos of the dishes, videos of the chef explaining the dishes, designs of your menu in Canva Hotels, or reviews from enthusiastic guests. The possibilities are endless!

2. Mouth-watering

Previously it was a huge hype to have your dishes in your business ‘instagrammable’ to show. Now, this also applies again, but mainly to sell the dishes. Make sure the dishes, pies, or coffee-to-go look mouth-watering. Preferably you place this content just before lunch or at 16:00 when people get hungry: success guaranteed.

3. Show yourself

Show how hard your team is working to get the orders out the door, and how the mise-en-place is going, or show that the entire counter is full of takeaway menus. And don’t forget to tell a story. That may be how happy you are that 75 drink boxes are going out the door or that there are still 10 menus available. Or tell about that special local product that you have incorporated into the menu or about how the inspiration for a dish comes from your family. Make it yours!


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4. ‘Order food’ button Instagram

Recently, an ‘Order food’ button has become available in Instagram stories. You can use this if you sell your menu via Thuisbezorgd, Deliveroo, or Ubereats. Do you want to make use of this? Check here how to set up your Instagram profile.

5. Promote your menu

Not entirely unimportant: show what you have for sale. Can potential guests instantly find the menu when they visit your Facebook or Instagram profile? Place your menu under, for example, the highlights of Instagram, or place your new menu on the feed every week. Make sure that the content is appropriate in terms of size, so you use a different size image for stories than for the feed. There are many social media tools that you can use for a perfect social post.

6. Ask guests to share their experience

Ask guests to share their restaurant experience at home with you in the mention or with a unique hashtag. This can give potential guests that push to order from you as well. And of course very cool for you to see how guests experience their lunch, drinks, or dinner at home!