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Comprehending the Critical Importance a Yard Drainage in an Environment

floor drainIn human surroundings, a drainage system removes unwanted water accumulating in an environment especially if affecting the cleanliness and hygiene of a facility. The accumulation of unwanted water on the surface is usually caused by clogged drainage systems.

Clogging happens when various debris and waste materials pass through drain holes and into the different sections of the drainage system.

In facilities that serve or manufacture food and drink, regular maintenance of the yard drainage systems is also necessary. Primarily because the performance of a drainage system has a major impact on food hygiene, especially if related to public safety.

Stagnant unwanted surface water, as well as waste water in the surroundings, serve as breeding grounds for flies and other disease- carrying insects and microorganisms that can adversely affect the cleanliness and hygiene of environments.
However, it’s important to choose a property maintenance provider backed by years of experience in maintaining and solving yard drainage issues.

Backed by 20 years of serving satisfied customers in Connecticut, C&B Property Maintenance professionals first conduct site evaluation in order to determine the appropriate solution in solving yard drainage problems.

french drainThe most effective yard drainage solutions can keep dry the lawns surrounding a residence or building, especially if the occupants are engaged in the preparation or manufacture of food and beverages.

A Quick Look at the French Drain Solution

Oftentimes, there are some telltale signs that will make a yard drainage installer recommend the installation of a French drain system. The following signs are actually issues affecting a house or building:

  • Occurrence of basement flooding brought on by rain or snow.
  • The basement has water stained walls, which are visible signs of seepages or leaks that also brings on a musty odor.
  • The humidity levels in the basement tend to be higher than normal.
  • Cracks start to appear in the foundation.
  • The soil of the lawn is over-saturated, often leading to the accumulation of stagnant water.

Generally, French drains are installed externally near the edge of a house or building. The drainage system is designed to redirect surface water away from the ground of a property by harnessing the force of gravity.

The French drainage system is outfitted with a perforated pipe placed within a shingle trench that is back-filled with compacted gravel in varying sizes. Doing so minimizes the occurrence of clogging.

However it is important that a professional is knowledgeable in the installation of a French drainage system. Backfilling the trench or excavation utilizes materials and methods that will make the removal of blockages easier to carry out.