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Flexible Packaging For Baked Goods

Baked goods and flexible packaging must go hand in hand. Your products, from bread, mixes and ingredients to cookies, muffins, and pre-made cakes, not only deserve to shine in stores, on shelves and in customers’ homes, they deserve protection too.

Baked goods flexible packaging: The essentials

Adaptable, lightweight packagingflexible packaging

Flexible packaging is ideal for transporting and storing a variety of pieces of bread and other baked goods. Its malleability allows for a higher product-to-package ratio than other types of packaging. It provides greater convenience for storage on worktops and pantry shelves.

Protective barriers

It is important that oxygen and moisture cannot penetrate packaging for bread and other baked goods. High-density films ensure that harmful environmental influences cannot penetrate the packaging and that the baking aroma does not escape from the packaging.

Resealable, powder-tight closures

Snap closures are great for preventing spills and make it easy to take pastries, brownies and other pastries with you on the go. Resealable closures allow customers to use your product multiple times while ensuring the product stays fresh and protected from the elements.

Customized flexible packaging for baked goods

All of your baked goods are unique and serve different purposes. Why should your packaging be any different? Digital printing allows you to adapt your flexible packaging to your needs and easily implement last-minute changes. Bold, high-resolution colours and designs on your bakery packaging will grab consumers’ attention and help differentiate your product from the crowd. With fast order processing and low minimum order quantities, you no longer have to worry about large order quantities, obsolescence or overstocking. Print multiple product variants at the same time for limited editions, seasonal flavours or to test new products. Order as needed to keep your packaging up-to-date.

Characteristics of flexible packaging for baked goods

When it comes to packaging for baked goods, there are a few aspects to consider. While not necessary, adding these additional features to your stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and roll stock can attract customers’ attention. It ensures that the customer is satisfied with the packaging.

Features include:

Tear notches: Tear notches allow customers to easily open the packaging.

Viewing window: Transparent or frosted viewing windows offers customers the opportunity to take a look at the food contents before purchasing or opening the packaging.

Ornaments: Draw attention to specific parts of the packaging to emphasize words, designs, colours or images.