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Food and Drinks Popularized by TV Shows

If you enjoy television as much as I do, you probably frequently find yourself engrossed in your favorite programs. I’m interested in learning everything I can about my favorite characters, including their favorite foods and drinks. 

Popular Food and Drinks Because of TV Shows

Here are a few examples of foods and beverages that have become well-known due to your favorite TV shows.

Pastries: The Golden Girls 

A classic dish that’s prominently featured on a TV show – cheesecake. At night’s end, The Golden Girls’ four female cast members would gather and enjoy a slice of decadent cheesecake together. Over 100 cheesecakes were consumed by the show’s four leading ladies between 1985 and 1992. For the show, bakeries from around the nation would send in cheesecakes!

Chili: The Office 

Episode 26 of Season 5 of The Office has one of the best cold openers in the series’ history, and it makes you feel sorry for poor Kevin. At the outset, the accountant brings in a large bucket of “Kevin’s Famous Chili,” a food he likes to bring into the office once a year to share with his employees.

Onion Rings: The Sopranos

Fans have talked extensively about and come to adore The Sopranos’ eerie final scene in the fifteen years since it first aired. Onion rings, a popular diner side dish, were prominently displayed.

Eggo Waffles: Stranger Things

Who can forget El’s infatuation with Eggo waffles from Stranger Things, the mother of all TV show/food pairings? Eleven (also known as “El”) is first featured in a few scenes when Mike, one of the boys she meets, conceals her in his basement and serves her Eggo waffles.