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The New Taste of Cola and Sparkling Soda

The most popular drinks consumed worldwide are carbonated ones, which includes sodas, energy drinks, juices, carbonated water, and coffee. They are made widely available in all countries as people loved its sweet taste and refreshing feeling. As time went by, green carbonated drinks such as Green Cola and Green Sparkling Sodas were invented and launched in the public.

The Green beverages’ appearance is a great game changer in the category of soft drinks due to its authentic taste and characteristics of containing only low calories and natural ingredients.

What’s Green Cola?

Green Cola offers the same cola flavor, but without any sugar, calories artificial preservatives and even sweeteners. The ingredient that makes the green cola unique from the other cola is that it is a soda sweetened with stevia which is naturally caffeinated and energy boosted from green unroasted coffee beans, which are said to be full of antioxidants.

What’s Green Sparkling Sodas?

The Green Sparkling Sodas are caffeine-free and sugar-free, meaning all-natural, but also sweetened with stevia. Ten percent of the green sparkling sodas composition contain real fruit juice. The Green Sparkling drinks are available in four fruit flavors which includes the following:

  • lemonade
  • sour cherry
  • orangeade
  • lemon lime