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Top 2022 Food Industry Trends

While exotic additives and spectacular flavor profiles in drinks and food may make for click-worthy news stories, they are commonly impractical for the average user who genuinely wants a filling snack or meal at a decent price.



Foods that Improve Immunity

Unsurprisingly, foods with immune-boosting claims are becoming increasingly popular. Even long-standing products are changing one‘s packing materials to highlight potential immune-boosting components or nutrients such as vitamins A, C, and D, protein, and others.

Foods that include these ingredients naturally but without adjustment are much more appealing to customers. For example, protein powder includes all 9 essential amino acids for immune system activation. Using whey protein in formulas will improve food security, texture, flavor, and functionality.


Meal Prep Kits

A increase in membership meal kits is linked to the food delivery trend. While millions of Americans discovered themselves under stay-at-home instructions with much more time on their hands to make food, this COVID-19 pandemic did help the industry for “meals in a box” recover. To see how other food delivery companies have prospered may have infused more trust inside this meal kit subscription system, which one out of every five customers has tried.

Customers will have a broader selection of meal kit options, ranging from classic delicious meals to racially influenced cuisine to options that appeal to substitute diets such as gluten-free, Keto, Paleo, and others.