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Total Entertainment: Food, Movies, and More

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We have compiled our favorites when it comes to culinary film delights in this list. All the films have something in common: they not only whet the appetite, they also clearly show that the “kitchen” motif is also ideally suited to depicting the sensitivities of the film protagonists, perhaps even of society. Classics, favorite films, insider tips? Watch films like this at uwatch free. You can never get enough!

10 billion – how do we all get fed? (2015)

By 2050 the world population will increase to ten billion people. But where is the food for everyone to come from? Can meat be artificially produced? Are insects the new protein source? Director Valentin Thurn searches the world for solutions to a problem that affects us all. Worth seeing!

Babette’s Party (1987)

The quiet drama is not least due to the staging of the final feast as a cinematic masterpiece and a real feast for the eyes: With a celebration organized by a lottery win, the French cook Babette brings a barren, highly religious fishing village to life. Anyone who liked “Chocolat” will also enjoy “Babettes Fest”.

Bella Martha (2001)

Head chef Martha is a master at cooking, but when she has to feed her little niece and the new Italian sous chef not only competes with her, but also turns her head, her “recipe for life” is thrown completely overboard. Makes fun, appetite and inspires with a wonderful Martina Gedeck.

Chocolat (2000)

It should be known that chocolate is considered a substitute for sex. The fact that chocolates, cocoa and co. can also set the neighborhood, the heart of a gypsy and all moral concepts in a village in turmoil is certainly due to the enchanting Juliette Binoche. You already guessed it: the bar of chocolate for snacking is mandatory at “Chocolat”.

The Great Eat (1973)

“The Great Feast” still divides minds today: Four friends (Michel Piccoli, Marcello Mastroianni, Ugo Tognazzi, Philippe Noiret) want to eat each other to death in a villa – tired of life. Masterful consumer criticism or cheap scandal film? Decide for yourself!

Delicatessen (1991)

“Delicatessen” is a dark little film full of biting comedy. The post-apocalyptic comedy about a landlord who goes after his janitor to – literally – mince him is the feature film debut of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of Amelie.

Star Rush (2015)

Bradley Cooper and the cooking scenes are the stars of this film: After a long absence from the scene, a two-time Michelin star chef fights his way back to the most demanding kitchen front. His ego and the pretty colleague don’t exactly make it easy for him.

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Jiro and the World’s Best Sushi (2011)

A documentary about sushi, yes – but much more a film about the search for perfection and the price you pay for it. In this country, wrongly an absolute insider tip!

Julie & Julia (2009)

Who are “Julie & Julia”? Julia Child, culinary luminary who introduced America to French cuisine; and Julie Powell, who recreated and blogged about Child’s entire cookbook. Warm, hilarious and a streep that plays to your knees. Everything is possible with passion, courage and lots of butter!

Kiss the Cook: The Taste of Life (2014)

Important: Never watch this hilarious, lovable feel-good film on an empty stomach. Because the kitchen scenes will make your mouth water within seconds: Frustrated with his job, head chef Carl starts a food truck. Anyone who has ever visited a street food festival can guess what that means.