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5 Ways to Make Your Ready-to-Eat Meal Healthy


Ready-to-eat meals are great for those days when you need to make dinner but don’t have the time. But sometimes these pre-cooked meals can be high in sodium, sugar, and calories. A healthy eating plan includes eating fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein like chicken or fish, whole grains like brown rice or bread, dairy like milk or cheese, and healthy fats like olive oil. So how can you make your pre-packaged meal healthier? Learn more ways to do just that!

Number 1. Add more Vegetables to the Dish

Adding more vegetables to the dish is a great way to make your ready-to-eat meal healthier. You can simply cook up some veggies or buy some fresh ones at the store and add them to the package.

Vegetables packed high contents of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Adding them to your pre-packaged meal will help you stay full longer without all of the guilt.

Number 2. Choose a Lean Protein

Protein is a nutrient that provides your body with energy and helps you feel full for longer so it’s important to choose a lean protein when deciding what to have in your pre-packaged meal. Lean proteins include fish, skinless turkey breast, or chicken breast. If you’re having a soup, choose a broth-based soup over a cream-based soup.

Number 3. Reduce the Sodium

One of the best ways to make your meal healthier is by reducing the sodium. Too much sodium you’re your heart at risks and also, increase blood pressure. So pay attention to the sodium levels in your ready-to-eat meal and try to find ones with less than 400mg of sodium per serving. The lower the sodium level, the better!

Number 4. Reduce the Sugar

The first thing you can do is reduce the sugar. Since it’s so easy to eat too much sugar, it’s important to focus on reducing it in your diet. Sugar is often hidden in foods like pizza sauce and ketchup, so look for these ingredients when reading the food label.

Number 5. Add more Healthy Fats

You want to add healthy fats to your meal for satiety, flavor, and because they are filling.