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Benefits Of Social Media For Gastronomy

Today, effective online marketing on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms is a real success factor for almost every company. After all, you can reach your customers exactly where they are. Interestingly, people do not perceive packaged social media content as annoying advertising. It is ideally the appetizing inspiration that makes you want to go to the next restaurant.


Customer loyalty through interaction

One of the great strengths of social networks is interaction. Social networks enable a direct exchange via likes, comments or sharing posts. Users who receive a direct response from their favourite delivery service will feel that you value them. A good digital marketing strategy makes a major contribution to customer loyalty.

Interact with followers and potential guests

Anyone who writes a comment or asks a question on the digital platforms naturally also wants an answer. All the more so when the addressee is a company profile. By responding to regular guests and those who are interested, you convey commitment and reliability. You can often appease critical commenters if you take note of their opinion and respond in a friendly manner.

Of course, you don’t have to respond to every kind of criticism. If a user violates the netiquette or even becomes insulting, you can rightly terminate the communication. In an emergency, you can exclude said user from the comment function.

Another effective form of customer loyalty is to share photos and videos that your guests post in connection with your restaurant. The posts automatically act as testimonials for new guests, while the followers behind the post are happy about your likes, comments and shares.

Stay current

To ensure that you regularly supply your channel with new content, it is best to create an editorial plan. An added value of fixed editorial plans is that you offer interested users the opportunity to interact with your brand with constantly new content. In this way, you maintain a certain interaction rate at all times. The interaction rate in turn ensures a higher reach. The algorithms in the social networks assess your profile as relevant and make you visible to more and more interested users.

On the other hand, if you remain silent for a long time, your target group may consider you inactive. In the worst case, users assume that your restaurant is closed or even no longer exists. Traffic and engagement with your channel decrease and your business lose visibility. To prevent this from happening, editorial plans should have a permanent place in your digital marketing strategy.