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We All Love Sushi! It’s in Coin Master Too!

image source: wikimedia commons

Sushi is a Japanese dish that consists of very thin strips of raw fish, called nigiri, combined with other ingredients such as rice and nori (seaweed). It’s often served with pickled ginger in the shape of a “shovel.” We also know it as the Sushi-Roll. There are many different styles of sushi, but the most popular ones are nigiri sushi and makimono sushi.

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So why did coin master add sushi into their game?

Game developers are always looking for ways to make their games more fun and engaging for their players. Coin master decided that adding the word sushi into their game would be a good idea since the word is so typically associated with Japan, a country which is close to their hearts. .” That was a chance decision made by the game developers. They’re not intending to make any political statements with the inclusion of sushi in the game,” said Mizer.

So what exactly is Sushi in the Coin Master Gameplay?

Sushi is a type of food that combines raw fish with rice and other ingredients, including seaweed. Sushi is generally seasoned with vinegar and sugar, but some pieces may also be dipped in soy sauce or sprinkled with sesame seeds. , chili pepper flakes, or dried seaweed. In the game, sushi is a type of food that makes you triple your coins while you eat it.

The Sushi Card Belongs To Coin Master Set Japan

Japan’s card collection is quite impressive. They have 9 cards like all Coin Masters, which means that there is a good chance you can complete the entire set within the allocated times and win 700 spins. These cards are not rare but by completing the Japan set, you could also be one of just 100 players to get on the Coin Master 5 leaderboard!

The 9 cards of the Japan set are Geishabot, War Machine, Sky Racer, Robocat, Master Shop, Level Up, Kawaii, Karma Police, and Sushi. You can get the sushi card in village 44 or Russia.

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Sushi Card: Gold Card and Swappable Too

Sushi is a gold card. You can only swap Sushi with another player’s gold cards during a tournament that they are hosting on their Trade Event. You may also substitute Sushi with your own if you won it after winning Viking 100.