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Discovering Everything about Hibiscus

If there’s one ingredient nowadays that you can predominantly see everywhere, it is none other than hibiscus. Well, it is not surprising as this ingredient is highly enjoyable especially when you taste its rose-pigmented flavor.

This well-known rosey flavor are popularly present on red tea, Champagne, some holiday desserts, and tonic water with pink tints. Aside from that, hibiscus is also a meatless filling used in tacos.

Parts of the Hibiscus Plant that are Edible

Hibiscus sabdariffa is the scientific name of hibiscus. And the sabdariffa race ruber is its impressive variant that shows all of the great tasting feature of such. The term ruber refers to the red color of the calyx that is responsible for making the plant being an edible one.

Buying Hibiscus and Using It

You can generally source out dried hibiscus over online stores worldwide. Hibiscus are available in the form of syrup. This can be added on sparkling water or brighten the color of the cocktails. You may also try to use hibiscus to pan the roasting meat’s juices.

The calyx that was preserved in which syrup was extracted will then become a candy-like substance. This form of hibiscus can be deliciously used as garnishes or ingredients in bakes and stuffings.

Another use of hibiscus is to dry it out on a parchment paper. The area should have low humidity to dry the hibiscus here for number of days. Afterwards, it will become sweet-tasting, chewy craisins, the one that looks like dried cranberries.