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A Vegan Lifestyle for your Health



More and more people are choosing a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle with little or no animal food. They do this, for example, for health, animal welfare, or certain environmental reasons. Vegans also read blogs, visit and create websites in link building company, save articles, etc., to also improve their bodies and everything around them.

Therefore, vegan and plant-based products are becoming more and more popular. But what does vegan really mean, how does it relate to plant-based, and how do you apply veganism to your daily life?

Because it’s more than just vegan food

Veganism is much more than what’s on the plate. Therefore, when it comes to clothing, vegans do not wear materials of animal origin or contact with animals. That is, there are no wool socks or leather shoes, but no silk clothes.

How to lead a more sustainable lifestyle?

If you are considering a transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, a plant-based diet can be a good first step. Fortunately, it’s not difficult these days.

For example, more and more vegetable products can be found in the supermarket that contains the same nutrients as animal products. The possibilities for plant-based and vegan alternatives are already greater than you think! These are the same when you also drink water.

What are the benefits of a more sustainable lifestyle?

Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle is therefore becoming easier thanks to the growing range of plant-based and vegan products, but why make this switch? These are the benefits:

1. A positive contribution you make to the environment.

2. Food is responsible for 20 to 35 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, and more than half of that comes from meat and dairy.

3. A vegan or plant-based lifestyle also helps to significantly reduce your ecological footprint.

A conscious lifestyle is also good for your own health

1. Conscious living also has a positive impact on your health. For example, the Nutrition Center writes that you have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease with a plant-based diet compared to someone who does eat animal products.

2. This is because red and especially processed meats such as cured meats, hamburgers, or sausage are often associated with stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. The Nutrition Center writes about this that the processing of meat can cause carcinogens. These substances can damage cells in our body, which can have nasty consequences for our health.

3. When it comes to personal care products, vegan products often contain far fewer ingredients than regular cosmetics. And in general, the fewer additives, the better for your skin. Animal ingredients can also be irritating to your skin, while vegetable ingredients can have a restorative effect, contain more vitamins and minerals, and can hydrate your skin.