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Storing Food In Cabinets And Refrigerators

You might have a problem organizing food in the fridge or in the cupboards. There are many solutions to make the space in the refrigerator and in the cabinet more efficient. You can make spaces to preserve the freshness of fruits, vegetables, or cooked food. For kitchen cabinets, Highland Cabinetry can customize them to suit your needs.

Store food in cabinets

No matter how big your kitchen is, you definitely wanted to store another product, but you faced a lack of space. Before moving on to the purchase of storage boxes, it would be good to remove all the products from the cupboards, check their validity, then throw away what you no longer use. Another tip is to organize your food according to the frequency of use. Put the daily ones on the bottom shelf, and the occasional ones on the top.

For pasta, rice, flour, coffee, or brown sugar, a good option is to store them in jars with airtight colorless lids before putting them in cabinets. They will help you quickly spot the ingredients you need for various recipes. In addition, you can stick adhesive labels, on which you can write the product’s opening date, name, and validity.

For salt, pepper, cinnamon, etc. opt for condiment containers. You can choose from the models for the wardrobe or you can buy them as a set, with screws, or on the kitchen counter.

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Storing food in the refrigerator

Every food must be kept in maximum hygiene conditions and, very importantly, washed before being put in the refrigerator.

For soups and soups that keep their temperature, a heat-insulating dish is good. In the case of some hot dishes, which you want to offer at a family meal, a good option is a heat-insulating glass casserole, provided with a lid with a silicone band, for tightness.

Chopped vegetables can be organized in the freezer with a sealed kitchen bag device. Easy to use and fast, it will help you organize your freezer much better and even see what is in each bag.

From the category of food storage and organization for the refrigerator, you should not miss a box for sausages or cheeses. They have the advantage of taking up very little space but, even more importantly, keep food fresh for a long time. You can use made-of-food-grade plastics as they do not absorb odors and are very easy to clean.