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What It’s Like to Travel to Cuba for a Culinary Experience

A novel travel destination considered by nature lovers and history buffs for their adventure trips is Cuba, an island country located near the Caribbean Sea. Those who have been to Cuba once, returned for more fascinating and diverse travel adventures.

While many have set their sights on Cuba as their next regular travel itinerary, culinary explorers also discovered traditional authentic Cuban dishes being served in charming and colorful colonial towns that seemed to have frozen in time.

The finest examples are the typical holiday dishes that are painstakingly prepared for many Cuban homecomings and reunions during the holidays.

What Most Visitors and Homecomers Look Forward to as Holiday Feasts?

Here, a whole roasted pig is the centrepiece of a holiday dinner, as opposed to the typical American honey-glazed leg ham or the roasted turkey big enough to feed a sizable number of guests.

There are no rice stuffings because authentic Cuban cuisine delight in serving rice with black beans and garlic yuca.

Yuca by the way is the Cuban method of preparing potatoes; seasoned and boiled until mushy and tender.
It’s interesting that despite being an island travel destination, Cuba’s yearly holiday cuisine is not heavy on seafood delights.

Another surprising aspect about traditional Cuban food is that family dinners are not hot and spicy; presumably to ensure that every family member will enjoy the prepared meat dishes, whether they be chicken, pork and/or beef. Typical Cuban holiday dishes are infused with garlic, onions and cumin, served with lots of beans and plantains.

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja literally refers to old clothes in Cuban culture. Perhaps referencing age-old practices of serving
food to family and friends. Still, Ropa Vieja dishes vary from region to region, but are always certain to be present in holiday gatherings.

This dish consists of meat cooked with vegetables, rice, tomato sauce, olive oil, red wine and saffron , to cook until the meat falls apart and becomes shredded.

Sofrito is a holiday dish made from concoctions of vegetables cooked with garlic, onion, peppers and tomatoes. As a holiday dish, it can be served with bread or as sauce for meat and rice dishes.

Black Beans and Rice this is the most popular because it has been handed down to several generations of Cubans and served as Christmas food.

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